Was hoping for some insight as to what my next move should be to transition from my current job at a MM PWM to IB.

For a little color:
NYC non-target public university undergrad, economics major w/ focus in finance, 3.95-3.99 GPA, Summa Cum Laude (among other graduation honors), still based in greater NYC area

1.25 years in PWM at a MM -post graduation

Despite my academic achievements, I don't think I had much of an idea as to what I wanted to do with my life when I was in school. In freshman and sophomore year I worked full time at a law firm out of necessity to support myself and take some burden off my family. I moved up the ranks quite well, but when I declared my major in junior year, I quit the law firm to focus on school. I took classes all throughout Winter and Summer, and never really had the guidance or knowledge as to how vital banking internships are. I foolishly studied abroad (albeit on full scholarship) during bank recruiting season of my senior year. When I came back for my final semester of school, I did a brief internship in credit risk. When I graduated I was able to get some full time interviews (none in IB).. among the notable ones: AM at a BB, trade support at a top-tier HF, and a jack of all trades-type role at a family office.. and of course my current job. All the other jobs struck me as deep back office, so I went with the MM PWM, with the mindset that I would continue to explore options while building up my resume however I could. The PWM role is more on the analytical side.. I don't have my own book of business, I manage fixed income portfolios, screen mutual funds and do one-off research projects for our high net worth clients who are opposed to being in mutual funds. I do a bit of macro-based regression modeling and build structured products here and there too.. I know none of this really translates to IB. I am also taking the CFA I in December, I'm scoring in the mid 80s on practice exams with 20+ days left till the exam.. overall feel very well prepared. Despite the CFA not carrying much weight, I thought it may help me stand out a bit more and demonstrate some skill when it comes to financial statements. Also have my series 7 and 66. These are my current thoughts as to where to go from here and I welcome all critiques and your own suggestions:

  1. After CFA I, get going on resumes and cold emails. Sign up for CIBA and/or CFA II (if I pass).. or do a Wall Street Prep certification to add to my resume and sign up for CFA II? Would all 3 (CIBA CFA II and Wall Street Prep) be overkill? I definitely want to stay busy during the 60 days from the level 1 exam and the latest I can expect my results.
  2. Once my lease on my apartment is close to up (mid 2018), move back home and offer/seek unpaid opportunities in IB.. not ideal.
  3. GMAT and business school or MSF -> be more proactive about finding internships while in school this time around.
  4. Use my next vacation to spend a week or two with the IBD at my current bank and try to leverage off of that (definitely doable but it might be difficult to turn it into an opportunity because our IBD is in a different state).
  5. I heard that you can buy internships now? (not a joke)

Again, any input greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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be more concise, IBD recruiters want to know you wont waste time typing long memos people dont read

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