Anyone have an outsiders perspective into what this place is like/would be a good job/b school expectations/etc?

The job is a bit odd because it's a liason between the quant modelers, software guys, and the clients. It's listed as a financial consultant role, but i'm not sure if that's misleading. Supposedly there is a decent amount of doing a little bit of everything but it can be from solving stupid technical issues for a client to digging into the models. It also seems like many go to good business schools, but i'm a bit worried about the actual job compared to other possibilities I have. Look for any insight. Thanks.

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Use this product everyday. Mostly I call them for stupid techinical issues. The guys that I deal with are "relationship managers" The job that you are describing sounds similar, but it could be different. The guys I deal with seem like good guys to work with. I would not take it unless you really like software, or have no other options. Hope this helps feel free to PM me with any more questions.

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