Question about assistance in approaching and communication with shareholders

Hi everyone,

I would have a question related to employee's name searching, approaching, strategic communication and business development with both individual and institutional shareholders who hold, in their portfolio, stocks of wide range of public enterprises located worldwide. Also my question is for shareholders related worldwide.

I'm looking for some firms, preferably who don't require upfront payment, with experiences in communication with shareholders and I'm wondering if anyone could suggest such firm? I'm definitely NOT just looking for some marketing firms or appointment setting firms but the ones who really have the skill-set in finding correct person, employed in particular institutional shareholder firm regardless of it's size, even if consists of thousands of employees (e.g. Norges Bank, Vanguard Group, UBS Asset Management and thousands more). Usually those institutional shareholder firms have in their own stock portfolio hold stocks (partial ownership of enterprise) of large quantity of public enterprises worldwide. When I'm looking at shareholders structure for different public companies, worldwide, it often happens that all the time are occurring same institutional shareholder firms. Such firm can be at any size in a form of number of employees but in larger firms it's extremely hard to find employee (e.g. senior stock portfolio manager, chief of business development, coo, cfo,...) who would be in charge for particular hold stock of particular public enterprise and have the access to those stocks. Any kind of PDF files, hoping to find a name of employee in charge for particular stock, won't help.

In case of individual shareholders, particularly the ones at older age, the problem is similar but in opposite way: Full name of the person is obviously publicly given but if the person is not active on LinkedIn, a problem follows because I have no other way to even attempt getting in touch with this individual shareholders.

Which firm could I ''use'' (hire), preferably without upfront payment, for help finding the right person having access to particular stock from own stock portfolio and having the right to do the key decisions about this stock? Of course communication with that person is needed too or that department with a skill-set what to do, how to do it, when to do it for the case if phone call turns into voicemail without response or no email address available anywhere.

Let's say I want to get in touch with X institutional shareholder firm. They own in their stock portfolio Y quantity of stock of Z public enterprise, regardless of the country of shareholder firm and regardless of the country of public enterprise. I'm looking for the firm who would be able to find the person (employed in X) or department in charge for hold stocks of Z and to communicate with this person or department with ultimate goal to either get them to contact me or show the willingness to schedule Zoom appointment?

Would anyone please be so kind to suggest such communication firm with experiences in working with institutional and individual shareholders? I tried to do a lot of google research with different combination of keywords. Found massive amount of such communication firms but can't find any with the actual experiences in communication with shareholders.

Answer would be highly appreciated, thank you!

Kindest regards.

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