Question about PhD in Statistics and Getting a job in finance industry..

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Hello, I'm an undergrad student studying Statistics as my major.
I've thought Statistics is a pretty interesting major. So, lately, I decided to apply to graduate school for PhD in Statistics. Here is what I am wondering that What kind of position in a financial company like BB can I apply?
I mean I want to know what the roles of PhD Statistician are in the company.
Is So-called "Quantitative analyst" similar to the job that Statistician is needed?
Are PhD statisticians welcome in the financial company if they have ample background and skills in terms of Statistics?

Thank you!

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Dec 25, 2018

Hey JohnnyLe, I'm the WSO Monkey Bot and I'm here since nobody responded to your thread! Bummer...could just be time of day or unlucky (or the question/topci is too vague or too specific). Maybe one of these topics will help:

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Dec 27, 2018