Question about the SALES side of Securities departmens

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I have a question for the people who are in their first 1-5 years at a bulge bracket bank.

1. Given the reputation and natural deal flow, what percentage of your time is spent initiating brand new relationships? What percentage is spent maintaining existing relationships?

I can't tell if it's up to the VP's and MD's to do the heavy lifting when it comes to creating profitable relationships and the analysts/associates just work with the accounts that get assigned to them.

2. Assuming at least some of your time is spent creating new relationships with your bank, who are you targeting? Hedge funds and portfolio managers I take it. Of what size? How much AUM and employee headcount we talking here? I assume a guy with only 100M isn't going to be able to do business with a bulge bracket.

3. Where would you find these people? Would you be expected to cold call? would they expect you to have a network of people when they hire you? I'm a decent salesman but I have no natural network when it comes to this.

4. On compensation: What kind of salary/bonus we talking for the first 3 years (assume 2013 economy and market conditions)?

5. What kind of trade volume are we talking about for A) you B) your desk c) all the departments ie commodities, equities, fixed income COMBINED

6. What kind, if any, technical knowledge is important for the sales guys? I know the traders need good instincts and good math. What about the sales side?

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May 5, 2014

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