Question for current IB FTs: How to Absorb Information Effectively?

Apologies, long post ahead:

Hi all, I am a few weeks into my internship and so far having a good time. I am definitely learning a lot (hard not to given the number of new things exposed to) and enjoy the content. However, one thing I am having trouble with is actually absorbing the information I am learning. For example, I can make a few analysis pages and just find myself mechanically making those without really absorbing the meaning behind it.

Ideally, when put on a new project, it would be great to have some time (maybe half a day to a day) to flip through the materials, learn about the industry, etc. Then, during the project, it would be ideal if tasks aren't so rushed so I can complete them while taking a second to think about what I just made and why I just made it. However, this is often not the case given the nature of the industry and time sensitivity. The same process would run with back to back tasks and comments, with multiple projects happening simultaneously. And during occasional downtimes (e.g. the weekends), tbh I just want to take a break from everything, let alone read through industry reports carefully.

In short, for the current junior folks out there, did you guys have the same problem? If so, how can I overcome this obstacle and become more efficient at absorbing information in a fast-paced environment? Thank you.

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