Question for current multi manager analysts / associates / PMs...

Hey guys, I'm a second year analyst in IB coverage - interviewing with a few different MM's for TMT seats. Was hoping to get some color on others experience transitioning from banking to a MM fund.

  • What was the biggest challenge for you early on? 

  • What were the first couple months like in terms of your ramp up?

  • Anything you wish you did before joining a fund out of banking?

  • What did your PM expect from you when you first started? How do these expectations / responsibilities change over time?

  • What does your day to day look like now vs. when you first started?

  • Any big mistakes you made / saw others make that you'd guide someone new to avoid at all costs?

Appreciate all your thoughts. 

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Feb 17, 2021 - 11:38am

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