Question: Market Cap vs. Enterprise Value Basic Scenario

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I know this question is very basic, but it would clear up a bunch of smaller misconceptions for me.

Let's say Company A wanted to buy an 80% stake in Company B. Would the price of this 80% stake be derived from the Company B's Market Cap or Company B's Enterprise Value. Furthermore, would the price of this stake be as simple as .8(Company B market cap) or .8(Company B Enterprise Value). Thanks for the help!

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May 15, 2019

When company A invests in a company B the price it pays is based on what current market share price is, but the true value of the acquired business is the Enterprise Value because when acquirer buys 80% or 100% of a target company, it also assumes it's debt. Also, usually when a company buys a large stake such as 80%, it tends to offer a premium to the target's market cap ( for example a company is trading at 100 m market cap, but the acquire might offer 120 ml due to expected synergies and control premium). The value of your stake will be based on target's market cap at the end of the day.

Hope it helps a bit!

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May 16, 2019