Question on how to structure compensation for helping another firm launch an IT practice

Hello everyone

I have been talking to a non IT technical firm for a while now about helping them figure out how to launch a new IT services business line to their customers in healthcare. We talked about 1.5 years ago but it never worked out, and they recently came back to me to ask me to help them again. 

However, I have some reservations because it feels like I am going to hand them the blueprints on how to launch a new lucrative practice, while I am only getting a very small piece of it, if they include me. 

So I was wondering if anyone has any experience or guidance in this particular area, and has been through this before. 

Here is what they are asking for specifically: 

  1. As the technical and business subject matter expert in healthcare IT, help them understand what services (including potential software customization builds they can offer) they can offer that compliment their existing healthcare operations business line (which there are quite a few)

  2. Help them understand how to develop their sales sheets so they can go out and actively market these services to their customers

  3. Come back to me as needed to ask questions to revise and refine their sales tactics and information 

  4. Ask me to participate on calls to help sell the services


What they have talked about offering me is the following: 

  1. 1 - 3% of any deal if I am involved 

  2. Coming to me for resources if they need them so I can make a profit hourly on a resource or 2 

Here are my main concerns

  1. I feel like I am handing them the blueprints on how to launch what could be a 20 m or more a year practice in a few years for them, without any assurances I would be compensated for helping them 

  2. How do I know they will include me in everything they do, which they are now able to do based on my help

  3. In some cases, they will make the significant majority of profit on these, where I would make a minimal amount, or none all together once they figure out what to say and how to do it


My questions to you 

  1. What is a reasonable offer I should ask for? Should it be an overall % of the total practice? 

  2. Should it be a % of the overall practice plus a promise to come to me for resources? 

  3. Should it just be a promise to come to me for resources? 


I just want to be fair and reasonable all around and keep things simple, but not having been through this, it's challenging. 


Thank you very much! 

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