I have a couple questions for those who were SAs in either Hong Kong or Singapore.

1) When did your BB book your plane ticket? I am getting worried because HR kept telling us that we will be contacted by their travel department to book our plane tickets soon but it's been a month since they said that. I am more worried about not getting the flight I want because it's now 2 month till start date!!

2) Where did your BB put you for housing (for those that provide)?

3) How did group placement work? I see all my friends SAing in NY getting forms from HR to fill out listing their preference and stuff and we aren't getting anything. Is Asia SA program less structured?

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1) I just had my plane ticket issued
2) Courtyard by Marriott

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  1. If they said they will book it, they will book it. If it makes you feel better, send them a nice check up email.
  2. Bishop Lei, Courtyard by Marriott, Island Pacific have all been places for SAs in past summers. Marriott is best.
  3. Depends on your bank and division - some let you choose, some don't, some are placed in "teams" but are more like generalists

last year

  1. early march
  2. "Bauhinia" serviced apartments. doesn't matter much really, you barely spend any time there.
  3. last year a lot of the banks were generalist pool. reason for this is that in new york, they might take on something like 10-12 summer analysts for the FIG team. In Hong Kong. often times your entire summer analyst (IBD) class will only be 10-12 people.

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