Quit Blaming Diversity Programs/Racism for you sucking...

So here is my rant on diversity programs and all the complaining that happens (ironic because I am complaining..sort of) Also, I am a white male from a non-target SEC school who landed an offer at a BB, so take as you will.

I am a firm believer that diversity is great. I do not believe that diversity programs take away opportunities from me, even as a non-target white male. Companies will choose the best candidates regardless of skin color more times than not. It is pretty simple- the best of the best will rise to the top, maybe not initially but eventually, they do.

For example, I knew that as a non-target applicant I had to be better prepared, spend more time self-educating myself outside of the classroom, and show why I was the one for the job more so than the many target applicants-and that is ok. It is no different than an undersized kid trying to prove why he can still play D1 football, you have to give recruiters more reasons why and no reasons for "why not." (Not that target school applicants do not do this, I am simply stating the reality that non-target students are not recruited as heavy, therefore you must do more than expected to outshine the competition.)


Last few things...

If you are white and expect that a 3.8 GPA in finance and the status quo effort will get you a job, think again, and do not blame diversity students and programs for your lack of going the extra mile.

If you are a diversity student and expect that a 3.8 GPA in finance and the status quo effort will get you a job, think again, and do not blame racism for your lack of going the extra mile.

Yes, minorities in America overall have had a disadvantage compared to non-minorities. I see this simply in being a 3rd generation college student vs many of my diverse friends who are 1st generation. I see it in the lack of talking about finance and banking as a career path in minority households.


In today's world, I do not feel bad for ANYONE who fails to educate themselves beyond the classroom. Everything is at our fingertips- YouTube, FREE IB guides, WSO, etc. Quit blaming your tough luck, or lack of effort on others. Time to look in the mirror for some...

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  • Intern in IB - Ind
Sep 24, 2020 - 2:11pm

Couldn't agree more with the last part. One addition I might make is that we don't all have the same "fingertips". Just remember for every single resource we take for granted (YouTube internet guides etc ). There are thousands of kids who actually do not have access to this (no funds, no internet infrastructure etc). And that space and gap is where I feel diversity is of utmost importance

  • Intern in PropTrad
Sep 24, 2020 - 7:52pm

 There are thousands of kids who actually do not have access to this (no funds, no internet infrastructure etc).  

With the advent of technology and easy access to information, people seem to have forgotten about public libraries that are open to and free for everyone. Yes it depends on the area you live in in terms of what facilities are available, but even then public libraries extend a good deal of flexibility of membership if you can prove that another branch has the resources that you need. They can even order in books for you from another branch at your request, and save you the journey. Plus free access to Internet and other electronic resources.

A library card is one of the most underrated assets imo. I love libraries and everything that they symbolise. 

EDIT: archive.org is an amazing online library with an impressive  extensive curation of books on all subjects. 

  • Analyst 1 in IB-M&A
Sep 24, 2020 - 7:52pm

What prompted you to post this bull shit (as if there were not enough posts about that in the past two days)? You're a fucking intern in a fucking DCM, cool down, shit, FIG at Nomura would be better 


  • Prospect in IB-M&A
Sep 27, 2020 - 10:07pm

The world doesn't need more Asian male economics major investment bankers. It doesn't need less, it just doesn't need more.

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