Quit my BB Tech IB analyst job immediately after bonus and thinking of CRE Investment Sales. Could use some advice

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I had a tech investment banking analyst job at a bulge bracket bank in NYC until last Monday. I was really interested in making a career change to a real estate role, but I was working so much that I didn't have enough time to study enough to do well in an interview. As soon as my bonus hit my bank account and my lease was up, I quit to give myself more time to think about what I wanted to do next. I'm looking to apply to investment sales roles at top tier brokerage shops, but I have a few questions about the process and I'd appreciate some advice.

Should I be upfront about quitting my IB job? I feel like it's not a huge deal that I quit given I'm changing industries, but I get that some people might be put off. If anyone was worried that I was fired, I have my bonus letter that also includes details about my second year analyst contract and salary bump.

How should I approach the recruiting process? I'm planning to cold email investment sales analysts from LinkedIn and talk to them over the phone. I'll probably throw resumes out on Indeed.com and any other site that has open roles.

How should I prepare for interviews? I purchased BIWS's real estate modeling course which comes with an interview guide and hopefully has everything I might need to learn about the industry.

If there's anything I'm missing here or if there's anything I'm not thinking about that I should be, I would appreciate the heads up!

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Aug 10, 2019

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Aug 13, 2019