Rank these schools for iBanking? (QUESTBRIDGE)

So I was selected as a finalist for a college admissions program called Questbridge. I doubt that anyone on WSO has heard of it because you are all mostly prep school bred, but it basically gives low income or first gen kids a leg up by letting them apply to top schools(45 partner schools) for free if  selected as a finalist. If they are selected for the match scholarship, they get four years of college for free (tuition, board, books even flights)

The only catch is that student have to attend the school that gives them this scholarship. Its legally binding. We could only pick 12 schools and we had to rank them in order of preference. For example, if number 1 gives you a scholarship (a match) then you have to go to the school you ranked number 1 even if number 7 and 8 gave you the scholarship as well. 

You choose the schools you want to rank before youre selected as a finalist and if youre chosen then you have one more chance to change how you ranked them. I want to do ib/pe/cs in the future so thats why Im posting this here. Please help me rank the schools I have chosen:

They are


Brown University,

Williams University,

Hamilton College

Colgate University

Colorado College,

Oberlin College,

Macalester College,

Denison University,


Bowdoin College and

Boston College

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  • Analyst 1 in IB - Cov
Oct 21, 2021 - 11:16am

Agree 100%.

Would actually say UVA above everything else if youre looking for a better experience. UVA is the dream school. Awesome southern school/state school football and greek life vibe.

  • Prospect in Research - Other
Oct 21, 2021 - 11:44am

Spot on. I'm a second year right now and love it. Everyone here is super smart and works hard, but come the weekend nothing is off limits. Greek life + sports + cville bar scene = incredible fun every weekend. Obviously incredibly strong recruiting for BB/EB/MM IB and MBB.  Even if I had the option to transfer to Penn or Brown or any Ivy, I wouldn't. 

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  • Analyst 1 in IB - Cov
Oct 21, 2021 - 11:46am

Am trying to get my MBA there. Heard the international student population is great/very mixed. Plus always see instagram posts and UVA posts about all the travelling students do. 

  • Prospect in Research - Other
Oct 21, 2021 - 11:53am

COME TO UVA. Seriously, you will end up in the same place as Brown and Penn kids, but you will also have a million times more fun and the grind will be enjoyable. I don't have a problem grinding away until 1 or 2 AM most nights because I know I will inevitably be 8 vodka red bulls deep on thursday night, borderline blacked, talking with a beautiful colombian international student. If you want to enjoy college to the max and also have unlimited career opportunities, UVA is your paradise. Don't let these prestige whores tell you that Penn is better just cuz you might be able to go to Blackstone right away. You got 4 years of college and 40 years to slave away in the workforce. Think about it. 

Oct 22, 2021 - 10:00pm

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