Suppose JPM is hosting a trading competition in US and you are chosen to pick one of the guys below as your buddy to compete. How would you rank those guys?
1. Marketing major. Kept talking about how he gained those big figure returns from one of his marketing class projects. Even sent a screenshot of his performance in trading. One thing to add: his mother is a broker.
2. Econ major. Interned in UBS PWM. No previous trading experience but passionate but finance.
3. Finance major. Took two legit option trading classes. Interned in the futures department of a Chinese firm you have never heard about.
4. Finance major. Entrepreneurial. Interned in a brokerage firm and started his own practices (managing 3 employees and in charge of building business models)
5. First-year applied econ grad student claiming to have done trading for 10 years and making ok returns.

You have never met them and you need to decide who to take to this competition. How would you decide?

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Basically i would just look at the person's familiarity with the market. The major means nothing to me.

1) 5, because lots of trading experience
2) 1 because some trading experience and mom's a broker
3) 4. interned at a brokerage. Not sure what his role was but hopefully exposure to looking at stocks
4) 3 options =/= stocks
5) 2 - I wouldn't be too thrilled to have this guy as a partner, but if he's ultra passionate about learning everything during the competition, sure it could work.

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Why would they have you choose a partner for a trading competition?

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