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I will be interning on a rates desk this summer and I wanted more clarity on the way the business is setup. Is it standard across most banks? Will desks be divided by region or by products e.g. bonds, IRS etc. If given the choice which product or region are most interesting and which do you think provide the best learning and widest skill set opportunities?


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Mar 3, 2014

Most commonly divided by both product and region. As to product/region, I'd pick smth a little more technical, such as rates vol, but also relatively liquid, e.g. USD vanilla rates vol. You'll get a nice breadth of exposure if you do this, IMHO. Ultimately, it doesn't really matter that much, as you'll be gaining valuable experience in any corner of the rates mkt.

Mar 3, 2014

Thanks for the response! When you say 'Vol' do you mean options trading?

Mar 3, 2014