RBC Exit Opps - Reconsidered

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Hey all,

What does the profile and exit opps look like for RBC Capital Markets?

I know in terms of league tables, they are top 10 in global deal flow, and with M&A league tables, 9th in US M&A (soon to be 8th with Deutsche tanking and UBS not far behind), and 11th in global M&A (also due to move up 1 or 2 rankings over next year or two due to European banks getting shafted)

I feel like much of this has gone unnoticed, but now that RBC has cracked the top 10 in league tables, it is gaining more prestige and recognition. Are there good exit opps to MM and Upper MM PE? I assume of course they are good for AM, HF, VC, Corp Dev, Corp fin, etc. Would love to get your guys' thoughts

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I'd like to know more on this topic too.

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Anyone have any ideas about this?


I had an offer from RBC. Poor exit opps. Most of the deals they are on, they are on because of loans etc. this means they get their name on it, but they don't get deal experience. I personally went with UBS because in terms of global M&A, UBS is in a different league and the American teams execute a decent portion of global M&A. I promise you no one is knocking the door down for RBC kids. The BB sill have much better exit opps from what I have personally witnessed with my friends


How about for AM? I understand PE might not be good, but I don't think this should really hurt opportunity for long AM


Lol.. every investment bank with a balance sheet will utilize its lending/underwriting capabilities to win m&a mandates.

Not going to argue UBS vs. RBC; just want to squash the idea that RBC doesn't have exit opps. I had a few buddies that worked there, and last year they sent a good chunk of kids to some solid pe shops. 1 went to BX, another to point72, and a handful of others went to very well known mm pe shops.

Depending on the exit opp you want, you will have to be somewhat proactive, but if you are good, you will get an exit opp. Kids on this forum need to realize that even if you went to GS/JPM/MS and you end up sucking/bottom bucket, you will not get a good job. The key to exit opps is to be proactive in your development.

If anything - a simple linkedin search seems to show that RBC is a farm for 1st year analysts to lateral to top BB's/EB's as 2nd year analysts then they go onto some solid opps from there.


Hey, sorry I'm responding a little late here, but what specifically do you recommend with regard to being proactive? Maybe contact people at funds through LinkedIn to talk? I know the typical approach is for headhunters to contact you, but what do the better candidates at a place like RBC do proactively in order to place well in mm pe shops?


Exit opps for a place like RBC depend on you being proactive. You need engage with senior bankers you've worked with and have them help you with their clients. Simply going through the process isn't going to get you anywhere.


wolverine555, pure crickets, that's where I come in. Any of these useful?

If we're lucky, maybe I can guilt some users to help you out: @Lewis-Cheung @Cee-Kay @HBCBroker

I hope those threads give you a bit more insight.


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