Re-establishing relationships with people I networked with to get try to get SA offer from, but didn't get?

I'm a rising senior doing a SA stint at a midsize AM, and I'm starting to network again for the full-time job hunt. I did a lot of networking with people at larger AMs(which are my target), and a fair amount of them liked me, enough to refer me to get interviews, but I didn't end up getting offers from a lot of them. I haven't spoken to those people since late last year-ish, say Oct.-December. How do I re-establish contact? And would it be worth trying to, vs. just cold emailing/networking with other people who I had not spoken to in the past?

It would be a fairly blatant push to get an interview for FT, which is what I want, but obviously not exactly the impression I want to give off.

In addition - what are people looking for in a student pitch sent to them? I have a very fleshed out and good pitch, with model and supplements, but it's almost a year old at this point. I have ideas kicking around that I think I could make solid 2-pagers for, but they wouldn't showcase my ability as much, I think. Thoughts?

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Jun 29, 2019

Specifically, with regards to my old pitch, would it be fine to just add on an update as of the latest quarter?

Jul 2, 2019


Sep 9, 2019


Sep 10, 2019