Real Estate Debt (Toronto) to Real Estate Equity (Dubai)

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Some background:

A recruiter reached out to me from a top private equity firm in Dubai for a Senior Analyst role which will be focused on real estate equity investments across Europe and the US. The firm in Dubai is in the group of Gulf Capital, Abraaj Capital, CedarBridge Capital Partners, NBK Capital Partners.

I was able to secure an offer as follows:

Given the situation and the reputation of the firm, does it make sense for me to consider the role and if so, will my experience translate once I decide to come back to Canada/US?

Any insight is much appreciated.

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Jun 12, 2019

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You're welcome.

Mar 15, 2020

Am interested to hear about this too.

From what I have heard though, your route back to North America will likely need to include higher studies.

Did you end up taking the offer?

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Mar 15, 2020