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I am curious as to what are the best RE modeling courses/certifications to get. I am currently in college with basic real estate finance knowledge and a little bit of modeling experience. I am looking for a combination of what certification would teach me the most but also look good to a potential employer. Some options I have seen are REFM levels 1-3, ACRE Accelerator, or taking an ARGUS certification course. What do people recommend?

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Jan 11, 2022 - 6:36pm

My one concern is that the course materials only last a year. Did you find it a problem that eventually you can't go back and look at the materials or it was not a big deal?

Jan 16, 2022 - 1:36am

ACRE costs significantly less to renew after the 1st year is finished. You are also free to download any and all models/templates provided on the site.

If you can afford it, there is a TON of content ACRE provides that can help round out your skills. But if you are just looking to break into a job, then Justin Kivel's courses should be enough.

Jan 10, 2022 - 6:00pm

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