Real Estate Resume - FT position in variety of fields

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  1. I'm looking for a FT position in a variety of fields, but specifically acquisitions & Asset Management. I'm casting a wide net, however, and am including development, special servicing, mezz lending shops, MM REIB
  2. I love garamond but i'm not crazy about the italics so let me know if they suck so bad I should change it
  3. a lot of my earlier positions I am holding longer than my more recent ones (campus job continues through senior year, while recent internship stopped in august) so i have some issues with present / past tense since i still do some of this stuff.

tear this shit up, and thank you in advance

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Aug 6, 2012

Finally, a WSO resume with good formatting. Good job on that.

I would try to put more numbers in your bullet points. (e.g. a 15% IRR for a $500mil property acquistion). For your TA job, give a rough number of how many students you have taught per class. Just include stuff like that to quantify your resume.

p.s. I never knew schools had TAs who teach Bloomberg/Factset...I always thought it was a self-learning thing.

Aug 6, 2012