Real Estate Start-Ups: Do They Carry the Same Exit Opps and Clout as Traditional REPE/REIT Shops

Hello Monkeys,

A friend of mine recently inquired about a job at a real estate start-up along the lines of WeWork, Crowd-Street, etc. He is curious if working for a non-institutional start-up, in the RE Investments arm will add just as many feathers to his cap as working in Acq at a REIT or REPE shop. Deal flow is robust and diverse (credit, equity, everything in between).

Would a REIT or REPE shop look down at someone with this type of deal background as opposed to someone who works in a more traditional, institutionally backed shop? For what its worth the deal experience at the start up will be greater than that of the institution they are currently at (not on deal team and can't lateral internally).

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Mar 12, 2019

WeWork is trying to disrupt office leasing and is backed by Softbank and Crowd-Street is trying to disrupt how people raise RE funds and is backed by individual investors. These are two very different firms.

An Acquisitions analyst at a internet startup raising funds online is basically a PREIT Acquisitions analyst.

An analyst at WeWork will probably gain insightful knowledge on how to run a Ponzi-Scheme.

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Mar 12, 2019