Real Estate Story to get in top B-School for Investment Banking/Consulting

I have a low UG GPA in Civil Engineering from India(2.6/4.0), decent Masters GPA in Construction Management (3.56/4.00) in the US, 326/340 on the GRE, 5 years of construction industry experience in the US and 1 year of experience in India. 

Can having a strong construction background help getting into a top ranked MBA university if I show Real Estate as my interest in the essay and do a couple of real estate courses here and there? Can I offset my low gpa by using real estate as my interest and intent for an MBA purely to get into the university and crack the interviews?

Idea is, once I am admitted into the university, I can pursue whatever the f*** I want a\nd not necessarily real estate. Does that seem like a legit plan to break in?

Thoughts? Comments? Cheapshots?

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