Realistic entry possibilities in MBB

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I am a senior student from Australia currently on exchange at a Georgetown. I spent the majority of my undergrad operating a hotel business in regional Australia which deeply affected my undergrad grades. This involved the acquisition and operations of the business and saw me increase revenues by 30%. As a result of this, I also never went for any big name internships. I did 1 year full time in a mid-tier accounting firm in Sydney. So, my GPA isn't great. I want to get into consulting, and even if possible, an MBB. That is the goal.

I have a few options:
1. Apply for boutiques and smaller firm in the US & UK. --> do a masters degree for top uni ? apply MBB
2. Major Fintech startup in Barcelona --> do a masters degree from a top uni --> apply MBB
3. Operate more hotels (1-2 yrs money is great haha) --> do masters --> apply MBB
4. Apply for MBBs directly in Australia

I guess my main question is whether any of these options seem realistic, and whether my 'story' and different type of operational experience help me at all in the recruiting process. Also another thing I wanted to find out is whether doing a Masters and getting a solid GPA will help also.

Thanks so much !

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Jan 29, 2019
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