Really Need Help to Explain

Hi folks,

Recently I have been getting through a series of interviews in a medium size investment management company and everything seemed very positive. From my perspective and what I felt from the interviewers' perspective, I think I did a very good job in the final round and I knew I was the only candidate.

I talked with each of the people for more than a hour which was supposed to be half an hour in the final round. And I was confirmed by them that I was a very good fit for the role and they would love to move forward.

After 3 days, I received a very nice email from the HR asking me to finish a detailed employment application including SSN, authorizations to a series of background check and the salary range and was told it couldn't be finished online. (very good sign right?)

I finished the application asap and emailed it back. 3 days later (since i was supposed to hear from them in a week after the final interview), I made a call to one of the interviewer asking for updates/feedback. She was still very nice and said "I'll check and get back to you shortly".

Half a hour later, I received the rejection letter from the HR saying "While your credentials merited serious consideration, we have chosen to continue our search for this position.".

I was like fucked up immediately since this job is my top priority and I thought I did really well in the interview process and they did like me.

Now I'm just wondering if there's anything wrong with the background check or salary expection.

just so pissed.

Anyone could help explain? many thanks!!!!


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