Recent Grad - Fund Accountant Looking to Expand Career

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I am a recent graduate from a non-target New England business school with a BSBA and double concentration in Finance and Economics. I have recently accepted a job at BBH (Brown Brothers Harriman) in Boston as a fund accountant. I realize that this is a back office job, but I know that the name holds some level of prestige, and I felt that working at a firm like this early in my career would open me up to various aspects of the industry that I may not be exposed to at smaller firms. In addition, I want to lean as much as possible, and my hope is that this role will allow me to gain some industry and operational knowledge.

That being said, I know that this is a BO job, and I don't want to pigeonhole myself into strictly BO or accounting roles in the future. My real interest is something with more client facing, as I am a sociable person who enjoys communicating and problem solving.

I feel that a good move for me would be to try and secure an analyst role and move on from there. Since I am a recent grad, I'm not necessarily knowledgeable about what the best positions are for someone like me trying to advance their career, and along with that I realize that there are probably many types of firms that may be a good idea for me to look into.

I am simply looking for guidance and advice, be it about BBH, fund accounting (or moving on from there), trying to steer my career, potential firms in Boston, or types of firms/ positions I should look into, or any other advice.

Much appreciated.

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Aug 11, 2017

As a fund accountant, who are you going to be interacting with on a regular basis? Front office folks? Middle office?

You're going to have to hustle a lot to move from BO into FO; try to meet as many people as possible from the team you want to move to. Produce high quality work and be known as a reliable BO guy. That is the first step to making the move, also you need some degree of timing and pure luck.

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Aug 31, 2017