New member here - been reading the forums for a while and there seems to be a lot of helpful people on here.
So here's my story...
I graduated in May from a very small non-target in New England with a finance degree (3.6 GPA). Over the past two summers, I've interned at a BB PWM branch as well as spent some time on a trading desk at a small trading firm in NYC.
Right now I am involved in the training program at a local investment advisory branch. Most of my time has been spent preparing for the series 7, which I'll be taking in a few weeks.
However, this is clearly not what I want to do. I have recently set my sights on breaking into ibanking and I am willing to work my ass off to do so.
I know that I'm in a really tough position, being that I have no experience in IBD and am not coming from a target, but this is something I desperately want.
Along with studying for the series 7, I've been sending applications to boutiques throughout the NYC area (thanks to the regional boutiques list here on WSO) and sending resumes to as many contacts as I can come up with. So far, nothing has stuck.
I recently contacted an alumni in banking who seems really friendly and helpful. I am currently working on arranging a meeting.
What I want to know is: what else should I be doing? How can I land interviews? Should I look into other positions in hopes of making the jump to IB later on? Is there no hope?
I'm confident in my ability to do the work required in IBD and I know I have the desire to do it - so how can I show this to banks?
I know there are a lot of people out there who are going to want to tell me that I have no chance at breaking into banking given my background, but I'm just looking for some advice.
Any help/thoughts would be appreciated.

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Sounds like you're doing some of the right things. If you're not able to break in now, just kick ass at whatever you do and quit in three years and head to a b school that is a target. If you go this route, be sure to be thinking right now about building a well rounded app (leadership experience, extracurriculars, etc.) I realize its probably not your first choice to wait 5 years, but times are tough.

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You seem to be on the right track. Some other steps I suggest:
1) Post your resume on the forums here and get it critiqued before continuing to send it to boutique IB's. You must "bankify" your resume, because right now it probably just looks like crappy PWM internships that bankers don't seem to care much for.
2) Also post a sample of your email that you send to these boutiques
3) You may want to consider an internship (even unpaid) in a boutique bank - often times these lead into full-time opportunities if the firm needs to add another Analyst. Also, just having any IB experience on your resume, even unpaid for a short period of time, will give you a big boost in finding full-time jobs.
4) Consider learning some financial modeling with Wall Street Prep, Breaking into Wall Street (M&I's website), or something similar.
5) Use linked-in to build your network and don't be afraid to reach out to people who you even have the slightest connection to. You really have nothing to lose.

Good luck.

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