Recent Graduate - Best next steps for this situation?

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Dear Wallstreet Oasis,

I joined really late to the party and I'm facing a huge uphill battle to break into investment banking.
I'm about to graduate from a Canadian semi-target university with a business/finance degree and my goal is to break into Canadian MM IB or something along the lines of that.
I've got no internships, 3.2 cumulative GPA and a 3.7 GPA in my senior year in all finance courses. and some school investment fund experience.

I'm currently going through the BIWS courses "Excellence with Excel" and "Financial Modeling Fundamental" which are taking a long time to internalize but has been very useful in furthering my understanding of both topics.
I've also started reading the 400 Q&A IB Interview guide which is also from BIWS I believe.

With school ending I'm trying to decide what I should focus on at this moment, should I be networking like crazy seeking interviews even though I don't feel ready yet to actually interview and try to obtain a fall placement?


Get a basic part-time job for a few months while living at home to save money and work on learning everything in those modeling guides and the whole interview guide to be completely ready and start networking/applying in 3-4 months?

Also, with no internships/low GPA should I completely not even bother applying to 2019 SA openings? I've heard that they sometimes take fourth year students but I don't know if this even applies to me given that I'm graduating in two weeks.

Just looking for some honest advice and feedback, please don't comment telling me what I'm aiming for isn't worth trying to achieve, I'm determined it's possible for me regardless of my lack of experience/grades.

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Aug 3, 2018