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Hello WSO community,

I have been lurking in the shadows for a few months now and need some guidance for my next step in getting into the industry.

I graduated in 2017 with my BBA in Economics from UofA Little Rock with a 3.7/4.0
I did not do any internships during my time in class, I went to school year around graduating with four degrees (three associates and one bachelors) while working for a law firm that I still currently work for.
I got a few hits from applying for internships now, emails back but all have gone dead.
I am thinking about getting my MBA both for my own personal reason (I am the first of my immediate family to graduate college) and to open up doors for investment banking or buy side.
I was raised by a single mother, guidance and direction for me and my career has been very difficult and stressful that is why I am asking the community.

What are you're thoughts on my position, what would you do/recommend?

Thank you all in advance

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Jul 16, 2018

Hi [email protected], no, I never sleep and so I can respond to any lonely threads (like this one) at all hours of the night. Impressive, I know ;-)

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No promises, but maybe one of our professional members will share their wisdom: @Victoria-Jingyee @Jct2139 @tk2417

Hope that helps.

Jul 19, 2018

Thoughts on adding references on the resume?

Jul 19, 2018

I'm a student myself, but my advice is to keep grinding, and that you're really not in that terrible of a spot. Relevant degree, excellent GPA, solid, professional work experience

Jul 19, 2018