Recently moved to London and need advice on landing a job

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Hello everyone,

I need your advice on landing a job in London. I have over a decade of IB experience (M&A and ECM) and was last a DIrector in one of the specialist European Banks based out of India. My wife, who works with a tech company was asked to relocate to London and hence I had to move as well. Need advice on the following:

  1. Given that I dont have relationships in UK, I understand that it will be difficult for me to get a Director level job. But would boutique IBs consider a VP level for me where I can lead at executions? Any ideas on which banks will hire at VP levels. I have good connects in Asia (ex-Japan) and I can be quite helpful in cross border with Asia
  2. Are there any decent consultants that I can get in touch with? I have tried reaching out to consultants but dont get much traction with them.

I am a qualified chartered accountant from India and have done my MBA from one of the top institutions there.

Any advice or pointers will be most welcome.

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Dec 2, 2018