Recording Interview W/O Networking--FT 2022

I just completed the virtual recording interview for a bank (not on Hireview, this one is a one try recording, not allowed to rewatch) which I was surprised since nobody there responded to my emails, so I don't really have a connect and I'm not really at a target school. Like a good school but not target. Anyways, I had SO many technical difficulties. It took like 45 minutes of loading and refreshing and I kept having to rerecord because every time I refreshed it cleared my video  answers. Then the next time I went on it said one of the questions uploaded, but IDK from which version? The first or 5th recording from the site crashing? I changed the experiences I discussed like one or two times for each question because I kept thinking "oh maybe this experience fits better for this question", so now I'm worried that like say I talked about Job X  for question 1 the first time and Job Y for question 2, and then in the next recording talked about Y for question 1 and X for question 2, that it took only stories about Job X. Idk if that makes sense but basically, worst recorded interview ever and I'm worried I messed up my chances because of all the rerecording, and not knowing which version of each question ended up going through. Should I try reaching out to more people and then slipping it into a phone call? Or should I let it go and hope they aren't judging how tired I seem by the 5th rerecording? 

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Jul 27, 2021 - 9:49pm

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