Recruiting FT Given SA Return Offer

Hi All, 

For a few reasons, I ended up working at a industry-specific small boutique in LA for SA. It is a decent gig and pay is good, but I am worried about the exits and career prospects in general due to the lack of size and reputation of the shop. Not to put the cart before the horse, but they only have a few interns each year, have been getting clapped by deals, and usually have a 100% return offer rate, so I think I have a fairly good chance of getting hired for FT

I have a few questions therefore about full time recruiting: 

1) I see on here that tons of banks seem to be shedding juniors and now is a decent time to lateral. Does this also apply to fresh FT hires? 

2) Any thoughts on how the post-corona hiring landscape will look? Everyone seemed to think that last year would be a slaughter, but some of my older friends from school still got some decent offers. 

3) What is the general timeline for FT hiring. I assume much later in the Fall? Is it looked down upon to begin networking while my other job is going?

4) Is it reasonably feasible that someone could go from a small boutique to an EB/BB? I go to Wharton and will have a 2 summers of M&A internships.


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