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Does anyone know how recruiting processes and timeline for Canadian banks? Specifically interested in Credit Suisse, JP Morgan Chase, and Bank of America Merrill Lynch.

For reference, I'm a US/Canadian Dual citizen attending a US target school (HYPSMW)

All United States

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May 23, 2020

Also interested

May 23, 2020

It's going to be different firm to firm. Generally they tend to start later in the summer.
Based on 2019 recruiting for SA2020, the timeline was:

July/Aug - CS TO, MS TO, GS TO, Greenhill TO
Early-mid Sep - Barclays TO, BAML TO, BB Calgary offices
Late Sep - early Oct - big 5 Canadian banks + National (simultaneous processes that they agreed on together)

This year though, things may be very different, with some processes like National/Barclays/CS having already kicked off/close to kicking off. So definitely start networking early.

Recruiting process wise, it's going to be different for you as they like to do everything on-campus for the Canadian targets, but I am sure because you are at a US target school, the teams will look very favorably upon you reaching out of the cold.

From my experience, the BB/EB Canadian offices have some of the hardest technicals across all interviews I have had. They like to make all their technicals in-house so there will be a lot of creative/new technicals that you wouldn't have been able to prep for. As an example, during one first-round I had, one of the technicals was literally them giving me a deck of an overview of Canadian M&A deals last year, with all text taken out, and asked me to give them a 5 min presentation of the deck with 5 min to prep (of course, needed a lot of personal knowledge on the M&A space to make the presentation work). That was something I have never seen in any interview before. Maybe it's cuz they know Ivey/Queen's kids are whizzes with technicals.

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May 24, 2020