REFAI Certification (new REFM course from Linneman)

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Hello, and thank you in advance for any feedback --

There is a new, or at least I believe it's new, course from REFM/Linneman called the Real Estate Finance And Investments (REFAI) Certification. It is $1499. Pricey, but the course looks intensive and useful.

Anyone have any insight on the course?

About Me: 1.5 years into corporate real estate job for entertainment company. Primarily leasing, some acquisition work, not much underwriting. I have taken REFM, but want to learn more about RE financial analysis.

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Sep 22, 2019

Not sure if you got an email about it, but they had a webinar on it earlier this week:
I'm looking into the program as well. I haven't taken the REFM courses, but I have the textbook. I looked through the two sample chapters that the site offers. I wasn't too impressed with their chapter 1 example, but the chapter 5 pro-forma walk-through seems pretty thorough. I'm tempted to go for it, mostly for the Linneman lecture videos actually.

Sep 23, 2019

FYI -- I purchased the course. They had and still have discounts to make the price easier to swallow.

So far, the course has been a great compliment to the Real Estate Finance and Investments textbook. If you're like me and need to have ideas reinforced via lecture/example, the course has done a great job of that so far.

Sep 23, 2019

Any particularly good discount codes still out there?

Sep 24, 2019


Mar 26, 2020

So how was your experience with REFAI? And how does it stack up to refm's other courses?

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Oct 7, 2019

Hi, Bruce Kirsch here, one of the creators of REFAI Certification.


The program was launched in September 2019. Just FYI, there is a payment plan option available during the checkout flow. Thanks for your interest and feel free to reach out with any questions.

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Oct 7, 2019

Bruce!!! You are the man! Thanks for all that you do for us monkeys!

Oct 7, 2019