regional boutique institutional sales vs BB back office

ok so ive searched the forums and most ppl say that its better to take job nature rather than brand name.

But does anyone know of someone that has actually made the transition from boutique to BB? Im getting the vibe that its really not that common..... sighhhh~

im in asia, and I know that I want to be in institutional sales .... got offer from regional boutique for IS rotation - I get to spend time in equity research and other regional offices first and than move on to one of the sales desk most probably in HK...... but i also got this offer from BB back office.

what would you do?

**Provided that Institutional sales is where you want to end up.

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May 26, 2010 - 7:11am

haha nice comparison! so the boutique is where i should go eh....

well has anyone got any advice for the boutique to BB switch? anyone seen it happen and how difficult is it?

thanks again guest1655 ... or am i just totally reading ur comparison wrong and i should go to the BB lol?

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