Regional Equity Research vs. MM Project Finance

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I go to a semi-target in the South. I have an offer outstanding from my SA stint at a decently well-known commercial bank in New York in their IBD with the project finance group. I have been exploring offers and have been invited to a super day at a regional bank for their equity research group. I want to do PE/HF in the long run and seek to switch to BB after a year of working or try to move to an infrastructure fund if the opportunity arises (assuming I take the proj fin offer). The super day is this Friday for their regional office (very very minimal chance of getting the offer for their NY office). The ER opportunity is at a bank with a more prominent name, but it's just that - ER and in the south. Should I go to the interview? I would have to miss a class I really shouldn't miss and spend time I really don't have, because of exams, preparing for it. Even if I get an offer, I am more likely to take the proj fin job.

This is for FT.

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