REIB to Corporate PE?

Hi everyone- I'll be starting as a summer analyst in the real estate investment banking group at a solid BB, and I'm not quite sure if I see myself in real estate for the long term. I'm involved in my school's student investment fund and really love digging into a company's financials, understanding growth drivers/risks, and developing investment theses. Pre-recruiting- I've completed a few real estate internships (non-REPE) and liked the transactional and local nature of the industry. Now that I've had some time to really think about what excites me, I think investing in companies is more exciting than properties because there are more opportunities to improve and grow a company than in real estate. Tbh I think both industries are pretty cool, but I'm leaning towards corporate PE if I could choose. For people in either industry, do you think this thought process is correct, and would it be possible to recruit for corporate PE as an REIB analyst? If not, what are some steps I should take? Thanks!

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Jan 16, 2022 - 11:26pm

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