Relative strength of each Bulge Bracket and Boutiques

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Hey monkeys,

Let's have a discussion of what are the relative strengths of each Bulge Bracket and Boutiques. For example, I have heard that morgan stanley performs the best in M&A , is it true? let's write down the selling point of each companies!

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Sep 25, 2018

Here's a post I made earlier this year

All of the below are based on either league tables, hearsay, my own prejudices, or things I learned in history class.

Consumer: JPM or Goldman or Barclays
Energy & Power: MS or Citi or Evercore
Healthcare: JPM
Natural Resources: BMO, RBC, Macquarie
Industrials: Citi or BAML or JPM
TMT: Goldman or BAML or JPM
Retail: Goldman
RGL: Goldman or JPM
Clawing back your bonus: DB
Being the best bank in Japan and the worst bank in NYC: Nomura

Middle Market
MM Consumer: Lazard, followed closely by Houlihan, Baird, Blair
MM Healthcare: Jefferies and Piper, but Baird and Blair are nipping at their heels
MM Industrials: Baird by far
Place where my friends who went there are the happiest: SunTrust, TD
MM Restructuring: Houlihan
MM TMT: Jefferies, Blair, Baird - but this is a huge tossup depending on how you cut it.
MM's Most Toxic Culture: Piper, Lincoln, Houlihan, Lazard, Jefferies
Intern Licking: CS

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Sep 26, 2018

wow thank you so much lapike. Can you please tell me what data did you use to get the conclusion? and how did you find the data(bloomberg,factset etc)


Sep 26, 2018

Basically, FT league tables, Bloomberg, and what I've picked up over the years working in the industry.

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Sep 26, 2018
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