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I'm doing some diligence on a company I received an offer from. It's a relatively new firm (founded within the last 5-15 years) but they have done some big deals, have raised meaningful amounts of money and hired people with great backgrounds. When joining a PE platform, the goal is generally to move up, become a deal manager / acquisitions lead, get carry, etc. But I still like to see that people who leave the company for whatever reason land on their feet.

I see it as a good sign if former employees are still working at great companies or started their own platforms that are doing well. Although there are other factors at play (eg was this employee competent, does he / she interview well, did this person hate real estate, does this person have family money, etc), if many former employees aren't doing well, it means there is a chance that the role was not a net positive to their career.

So basically, I'm looking for comps to this company so I can compare "exits" even though that's not what I plan to do. Are there any RE Equity platforms founded within the last 5-15 years you can think of that fit the same criteria (solid fundraising, deal history, and employee backgrounds)?

I'm mainly looking for comps as I said, but feel free to tell me why it's a bad idea to look at where former employees are - I think my logic is sound although there are definitely exceptions where it doesn't make sense to consider others exits

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Apr 25, 2021 - 11:09pm

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