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Hi All,

Looking for some advice. I am an M.D. in a highly technical and device driven field (Interventional Radiology), just starting fellowship at a well known/top academic university. Since medical school I have been investing and maintaining my own portfolio. I'm looking for a part-time/remote position where I can help a firm with their due diligence and investment strategy and lend my expertise. I have a pretty significant basic and clinical science background (product of going to an Ivy League medical school) but not as much as a PhD but conversely have the clinical experience. Any thoughts?

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Jun 21, 2019

I haven't heard of any (decent) firms hiring a remote research analyst but you can try looking into professional learning companies (GLG, for example) that lets companies pay to have a phone call with you to get your input on companies/projects.

Jun 23, 2019

Perhaps not remote (lots of logistical issues with that), but there are definitely firms that would take you as an "intern".

I've seen a few - you'd likely need to have to have a network to capitalize on opportunities like this, however.

Jun 25, 2019