Remote finance job for a 20 year old?

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Hi there,

I'm 20 years old from one of the lesser-known (and developed) European country. Right after I turned 18 I've established a company in the US completely by myself - all the paperwork & other stuff, I even had to go personally to the US open a bank account. It was meant to be a marketing company but it didn't really work out because the personal presence in the US turned out to be more important than I thought and also I didn't have an SSN, which proved to be a problem that would cause me a lot of problems down the road. I've also done the accounting and tax returns by myself.

I've worked on a few projects in the US as a marketing manager & was helping with business development too. One of my clients was a former founder & CEO who's most successful company was acquired in a $100M+ deal & I have a LOR from him too. Now I'm a co-founder of a sharing economy startup - it's going forward very slowly though and its success doesn't only rely on me & it can be over any time.

I was always interested in finance - I can read & understand financial statements, identify where/whether a company has some kind of problem & how financially healthy it is, whether it can scale (& how difficult it would be) under the current business model. I'm into startups & VCs too. I know how they operate, what VCs look for and since I was part of multiple startups I can evaluate them and spot problems

I've read/watched a lot of books/discussions/videos about HFs, PEs, real estate, etc. I've also looked at financial modeling - most of the popular FMs don't look that difficult & I don't think it'll take me a lot of time to get into it

My question is whether all this looking for a remote job in the US isn't a waste of time

(For those who ask why I'm not looking for something in Europe: Last year I've found an investment opportunity for one of the biggest Czech hedge funds & one energy fund and after seeing how they operate & listening to their people - no thanks. The whole business culture in Europe is one big joke - a ton of bureaucracy & the premise that it doesn't really matter how good you are but who you know)

Would any company give a shot to 20-year-old someone from who-the-hell-knows-where without a degree? I was thinking that I could include some financial models/& some research in the job application to show the company that I know what they need me to know. I have no problem to go the longer way & create something that is on more than target college graduate level

Do you think any company would take a chance on me if what I send them will be good enough? I think my situation is so "unique" that I don't even know whether I should focus on IB, PE or whatever

I'd really appreciate opinions/tips from all of you! Please don't be afraid to be harsh, the more real opinions I will get, the better I will be able to decide

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Aug 5, 2019

Hi ThreeObs, the silence is deafening, sorry about that.... Any of the threads below helpful?

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Aug 23, 2019