Reneging on big 4 for S&T

A few months ago I accepted a new grad role in audit with a big 4 that's supposed to start next fall, and I kinda only took the job because I was in panic mode from having very few interviews/offers on the table. I've been kind of regretting accepting the job ever since, as audit is boring as hell to me and the pay isn't very good. So I've been applying to other jobs recently and now I have a sales and trading analyst interview coming up with a non-BB global bank (think Wells Fargo, Societe Generale, HSBC). But I've been thinking, if I do get this job I'll have to renege on the big 4 offer which will be painful. Like I know there won't be many short-term consequences since I won't wanna go back to the big 4 after getting into S&T, but I know that recruiters/HR people often move between companies and talk to other recruiters/HR people. So I'm pretty paranoid that a move like this might mess with my ability to potentially lateral to a different bank, assuming I get this job. Does anyone have advice or experience with this?


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Jan 13, 2022 - 6:30pm

Coming from a guy who reneged once during soph summer and another for my FT, I wouldn't be worried esp since S&T and big 4 audit recruiters don't really overlap. If anything, I would encourage you to renege if you get the S&T gig cuz audit sucks. 

Jan 14, 2022 - 10:37am

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