Reneging on S&T offer for IB offer (Summer 2020)

I have already committed and signed for an S&T offer I received early in the process. However, I continued to recruit and received an IB offer at a firm that I would love to work for. IB is the career path that I wish to take, but I felt that taking the early offer was better than risking getting nothing later. Is it appropriate to renege, and does anyone have advice on how to handle this situation?

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Aug 14, 2019

Do what you think is best for you, but realize there are consequences for reneging. Whether it be severe as getting your offer rescinded or not even having a chance at a return offer, these are all things to consider. If the offer is significantly better and you're going to leave sleep over not taking it, then just take it. My 2 cents,


Aug 15, 2019
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