Renewables EPC position South/North America

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Hi everybody,
After long time on a PhD program in China, I couldn't stand the student life and academic culture there anymore and asked to leave the program for couple years. I've been offered a position in a international EPC company, mainly focused on solar projects in South and potentially North America and not, and not sure if it is the right move. I am very interested in renewables, and I guess it is going to be a quite stable market in the foreseeable future, but not sure if the position has any potential.
During my PhD, I got introduced to IB and M&A because all banks and PE firms recruit at my university, and was very interested in it, but I finally have given up fighting against the odds (age, major, language...).
I was more optimistic about project finance positions as it better fits my background, and got this offer. Problem is, it is more a business development position, hence, I'm not sure I will learn that much about the financing or technical side or anything that can lead to a future better position at a bank or PE shop. Being a Chinese company, pay is not that great either. On the good side, I'll be covering several countries and the regional team will be small so I guess I will have a decent exposure to deals and decision makers, plus China seems to be pouring money on the region so might have the chance to see something done.
Being a Chinese company I have no references about career development, or pay scale so I am trying to evaluate the offer in terms of exit opportunities, in case I see I am stuck there.
Any feedback will be greatly appreciated cause I have to make a decision and will have to relocate, probably Argentina or Mexico.

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Dec 13, 2017