REPE Analyst Life & Job Deep Dive

Hi, I have a few questions into the life of a REPE Analyst, I'm sure there are a few other fellow prospective monkeys out there with similar questions, so if any of you guys have answers to the following questions then shoot!

  1. What are the main responsibilities you have as a REPE analyst?
  2. How much of each week do tasks for Q1 take-up of your time (as a % and x Hours)?
  3. How are any of the above changing/ becoming obsolete with technology, both now and over the next few years?
  4. Recommended skills not covered in previous threads on here?


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  • Associate 2 in RE - Comm
Jun 15, 2020 - 3:39pm
  1. Depends if you are more acquisitions or AM focused. Generally you are supporting senior acquisitions and/or AM people with everything from A to Z (tracking deals, coordinating with brokers to gather property info, pulling together info and research on a deal, helping create/write interal pitches and memos, various admin tasks, etc.)
  2. Q1 as in first quarter? I don't follow.
  3. Most of the technology that we have implemented in our shop has been in the form of data aggregation or tracking software. So instead of aggregating multiple excel sheets of T12 statements, there are tools that do that kind of work for you.
  4. I think the analysts that excel and get promoted are the ones who can speak intelligently and fluently on the phone, in meetings, presentations, etc. about the deals. convey confidence, which is easy to convey if you do your homework and know what you are talking about.
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