REPE Firms in Washington D.C

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Was wondering if anyone could help me come up with a list of REPE Firms in/around Washington D.C. I know of a few but was curious if we could crowdsource a list of places I haven't heard of.

EDIT: Apparently I'm an asshole since I didn't list the firms I know of.
Carlyle (Don't know how much is out of DC vs NYC)
Iron Point (has office in DC)

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Sep 10, 2019

Maybe I'm an asshole but I read this thread and get pissed that you want help in creating a list of DC REPE firms, you go on to mention that you know of some, and then you don't list those you know to kick start the list.

I'll contribute FCP

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Sep 10, 2019


Sep 10, 2019