REPE --> Investment Sales / Capital Markets?

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Has anybody in the community gone from REPE to investment sales / capital markets? I currently work for a boutique REPE firm (just raised a $200MM fund, but likely not one you have heard of) and my prior experience was working for 2.5 years in acquisitions with another REPE fund. I just received a job offer for an investment sales / capital markets (one of the bigger, institutional names). Frankly, it is better pay and great exposure to various asset classes/big names in REPE.

I am worried that the work may not be as a rewarding, the underwriting may less granular and working in a more client oriented business may be annoying.

I would be curious to hear thought from anyone in REPE / Brokerage and particularly from anybody who has gone from REPE to brokerage.

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Nov 21, 2017