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Morgan Stanley has been taking quite a beating in this forum, as well as many others. Revenues are down, its compensation, already lacking, is also down, and everyone seems to be pretty downbeat on them.

What is your opinion on Morgan Stanley? Still the #2 IBD? Overtaken by JPM? How does it compare to Goldman? And, above all, is it still a desriable place to work for, especially given its future outlook?

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Damn, I don't know about you, but kids from my school will happily take whatever they can get (BAML, DB, UBS). They'd probably be even more happy if its MS.

But.. maybe youre just a future superstar who can get whatever job he wants..

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MS is still an absolutely top BB and Meredith Whitney being disappointed in their ROE does nothing to change that.


I don't know anyone who thinks that MS "has been taking a beating."


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