Reputation of Various Canadian firms in Sell Side Mining Equity Research

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Can someone let me know which Canadian firms are known to have a better mining equity research department? I am talking in terms of reputation

Any idea which have a bad/below average reputation?

  1. Scotia
  2. CIBC
  3. RBC
  4. TD
  5. UBS
  6. Haywood
  7. Canaccord
  8. Raymond James
  9. Desjardins
  10. Laurentian Bank Securities

The reason I am asking.......I met with a recruiter a few weeks ago. They were discussing various bigger firms that she did not have any ins with. She mentioned a few would be good for me, but they are tough to get into. Then she mention this other company that I am interviewing with (I was not interviewing with them at the time I met with her) and said they have "Not a very good reputation on the street."

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Nov 14, 2012