Research Analyst at PWM?

Will working at a boutique PWM as a research analyst allow me to transition into Investment Banking or Equity Research in the future? I also want to get my MBA in 2022, so I am looking to see if it is worth taking this role and stick around for a year before my MBA, or try to aim for a better known firm (which I have had no luck in - almost 100+ apps sent out and all rejections)? My last option would be to stay at my current firm for another year, but have no relevant job experience related to IB or ER. Please help!

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Feb 17, 2021 - 11:17am

I would be creating an equity buy list for clients (usually HNW). But given that i want to get an MBA to transition into IB/ER, do you think it would at least help my story for when I apply to an MBA program?

The downside is I would only work there a year before hopefully matriculating Fall of 2022, which I think might be looked down upon?

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