Research at London Healthcare hedge fund

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Dear all,

I am a life sciences new PhD in the UK. I have the opportunity to interview for an analyst position at a healthcare hedge fund in London.

The reason I post about this in this forum is that according to the job description it seems to me rather like an equity research role:

"To conduct detailed analysis of a diverse range of healthcare companies. In the course of this research you will be expected to meet company managements from the drug, biotech and Medtech industries, travel to medical meetings, attend investor conferences and conduct interviews with medical professionals."

I have a few questions:

i) is a research position at a hedge fund likely to be closer to making trading decisions than at a larger buy-side organisation?

ii) likely exit opportunities: in this field, in what ways are these harmed/altered by working at a hedge fund as opposed to a bank (I suppose sell-side research). Is this type of role a route towards biotech VC?

iii) remarks on possible hours/compensation would be welcome

iv) those of you who do this sort of job, perhaps you could comment on what aspects you find intellectually stimulating (or not), personalities suited to this type of work.

Thanks all